How to write autorun file for cd

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How do I ... create the autorun.inf file for my CDs and DVDs?

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Free Downloads: Cd Autorun Burn

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Autorun CD - How To Autorun HTML

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4) Now set the CD in you CD drive and wait for the autorun to begin or if nothing happens just double-click on the CD drive in “This Computer”.

Autorun from CD-ROM is permitted in Windows, so after we insert the USB disk to a computer, our application runs automatically. Since the majority of chips/microcontrollers are manufactured in China, obtaining any additional information about them becomes a real problem - not many of us can actually speak or read Chinese. is a text file located in the root directory of the CD-ROM that contains your application. Its primary function is to provide the system with the name and location of the application's startup program that will be run when the disc is inserted.

Fig 1: Above image shows the ‘open’ method for an file, which is used to launch exe files. It has been created using Notepad.

Creating an Autorun.inf file

Fig 2: Again we see an file, this time using the ‘Shell Execute’ method to launch a non executable file, such as a pdf. Sep 15,  · has been disabled on usb stick since at least Windows 7 for security reasons There are programs you can install on your PC to monitor your USB port and then do something like this Leelu Soft: APUSB 47 Alternatively you could make a batch file like this on your PC and run it when you insert a USB.

From CD. 1. Create an Autorun file. Click the Start menu, type “Notepad” into the search field and press “Enter” to launch Microsoft Notepad.

How to write autorun file for cd
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